• No griefing/theft.
  • No Spamming, advertising, caps, or any racial slurs, homophobic remarks.
  • No 1x1 towers.
  • No offensive builds/symbols.
  • Any form of advantage to normal players, ARE NOT ALLOWED (PvE or PvP hacks are not allowed!). However, optifine, full-bright, etc are allowed.
  • The U.S Bill of Rights does NOT come into play in the server.
  • Begging for items, money, and or staff ranks/permissions will result in a mute.
  • Just Respect people. Especially staff members.
  • If a player makes a ticket for a complaint about a staff member, the staff member WILL NOT respond to the ticket.
  • If the rule does not fall in any rules said, it favours the user.
  • Just don't be toxic.
  • Don't abuse exploits, report them in our Discord.
  • If there is no proof against a player for breaking the rules, the case will be dismissed.
  • Every ban will be equal, there will be no exceptions to reasons and or procedures.
  • Griefing unprotected land will be monitored, restored, and result in a ban to the griefer/looter.

By looskie